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A little bit about me...


As an Artist my practice seeks to create images out of the ordinary.

My work is rooted in the exploration of the natural, organic and physical, including environments and the body, it's shape and form and how the two interact with each other.


My focus area is modern social issues specifically gender based topics. I seek to unpick these issues through creating abstract expressionist imagery loaded with emotion and deepened with metaphorical storytelling attributes. 


Much of my work stems from personal experience and a longing to express visually complex thoughts and feelings. I approach creative projects in a thoughtful way, dedicating time to strengthen my understanding of the core message within a body of work so that it can be portrayed with subtlety and sensitivity. 

My photographic style is minimalist in nature I search for compositions that are enhanced by the presence of 'visual breathing space' creating imagery that can be gradually absorbed at a slower pace. For me the practice of photography is a deliberately slow and purposeful one that is can be carried throughout the whole creative process.

Let's talk

For all enquiries please contact:

email: becky.dainty20@my.northampton.ac.uk

Tel: 07398927693