Bespoke Film Sessions

For any lovers of things Retro I do offer bespoke film photography sessions. They are run in much the same way that digital shoots are run however all images are shot, developed and printed by myself using either 35mm or 120mm film. 

The resulting photographs are truly individual in their aesthetic.

As a lover of all things analogue i would talk at great length about the benefits of using such a medium, however i will let you decide for yourself. (but should you wish to discuss this option with me or have any questions regarding using film for your own or other projects please do get in touch It is something I never EVER tire of talking about).


If my film packages sound intriguing to you I would say definitely have it mind when booking a session, If you are unsure but still interested I would recommend getting in touch as I am always willing to provide combined sessions where both film and digital photographs are produced.


However I would say that if you are looking for photographs that are unique film is the way to go. Due to the nature of the developing process I can promise you that you would walk away with a one of a kind photograph that could never again be replicated.