Having two wonderful children to raise is at times the most challenging but always the most rewarding part of my life.

That being said their births were not positive experiences for me for various reasons. If I could travel back in time with the knowledge, I now have I am certain I would do things very differently.

One of my biggest birth related regrets is that I didn’t take any photos of the moment my children were born.

One day I was speaking about this with very good, very pregnant friend of mine when she asked me to photograph the birth of her second child.

She too had many regrets surrounding the birth of her first daughter. she wanted to take control of her delivery the second time round, including capturing the whole experience.

It was certainly, a baptism of fire for me, having no idea what to expect or how deeply the whole experience would impact upon me.

But the moment that little girl was born was the moment I knew what I wanted to do with my career.

Becoming an outsider and witnessing the power of female strength and determination was astounding.

For me the events of that Friday morning will be burned into my brain forever.

For my friend having someone present that she trusted to photograph her the birth of her daughter ensured that she will never lose sight of those feelings of empowerment that she felt, now she can look back on the birth of her daughter and see clearly the might of what her mind and body achieved that day.

It is my goal to document the births for every mother that I work with in a way that allows them to see and feel this way too.